मसाला वाला // Masala Vala // Spice Master - Bracelet


This bracelet came from the nostalgia I feel being away from home and missing my mother’s cooking. I wanted this piece to allow me to take the familiarity of her cooking and be able to recreate whenever I want by storing her spices in the glass vials. Each spice came directly from my mom’s kitchen all the way from India.


मसाला वाला // Masala Vala // Spice Master


Sterling Silver, Garnet, Peridot, Glass Vials

काली मिर्च (Black Peppercorns), दालचीनी (Cinnamon Sticks), धनिया दाना (Coriander

Seeds), सोंफ (Cumin Seeds), मेथी दाना (Fenugreek Seeds), गरम मसाला (Garam Masala),

राई (Mustard Seeds), कलोंजी (Nigella Seeds), लाल मिर्च (Red Chilli Flakes), हल्दी

(Turmeric Powder), लौंग (Whole Cloves)



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